Our “secret sauce” is our relentless focus on improving your business results!

How being “taken” for $500.00 was one of the best things that ever happened to Alpine’s founder…

When Matt, the founder of Alpine Digital Marketing, was 18 years old, he was “swindled” (as he calls it) out of $500 for a bright and shiny advertisement placed in a local health club that promoted his health food business. Visions of customers ringing his phone off the hook filled his head after “the pitch” he was given by the slick ad salesmen. When the phone never rang, the cold truth became evident. He had been yet another victim of inefficient, next to worthless advertising.

This incident left a tremendous impression on Matt and he began a search to find out what really worked in the world of advertising. What he discovered changed his entire world view of advertising and how to get results. After countless hours of audio training, and reading through mounds of books on marketing, Matt developed a “love” for direct response marketing principles. This library of knowledge, along with a passion for being creative and striving always to improve, make Matt and the Alpine Digital Marketing team a unique and powerful “weapon” you can put on your side to fight back against wasted advertising dollars!

Demanding that each advertising dollar returns a positive ROI is at the heart of our methodology. We simply won’t allow another smooth talking ad rep to swindle anyone out of another $500 dollars on our watch!

We would love to speak with you about how your business is going, and how we can help you achieve your business growth goals in the coming year!

~Matt and the Alpine Digital Marketing team


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